PANDORA-IT Closing the lid on your IT woes

At Pandora-IT we recognise that the worst thing about IT in a small business is the frustration at wasting time trying to find a solution to a problem. Business bosses need to have quick answers to problems so that they can then take the right decision in implementing a solution that best fits the situation.

You are a small business with less than 3 PC’s (no complex networking, dedicated peripheral machinery or exotic needs).

We recommend our: Phone & Email Support

This will cover all your daily needs. What you get:

Unlimited help on all the questions you could have relating to your IT - All day, 7 days a week.

Here are a few examples:

I can’t send emails I can’t open an email attachment
My Internet does not work My computer won’t switch on / is frozen
My external hard drive does not work How do I do a mailing with MS Word?
How do I create pivot tables in MS Excel? Windows is too slow / keeps on...
I need to buy a new computer what do you suggest for my needs? I am expanding, will my IT be sufficient?
Am I backing up my data correctly? Help Me...

Phone us, we can work out a solution to your IT headache

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