PANDORA-IT Closing the lid on your IT woes
Why choose us? At Pandora-IT, we understand the needs of small businesses

Cost: We know that budgets are tight, so our fixed monthly fee contracts allow you to know exactly how much your IT will cost you every month.

Availability: One PC in a big company that goes down, there is always another available to replace it. But in a small company with only 5 PC’s that’s 20% of your production that is inactive. Our on-site reactivity means we are rapidly with you to get things going again.

Reliability: Our Maintenance Contract business model relies on the fact that your machines won’t go wrong. If we have to be on site every few days, we won’t make any money. So we ensure that they don’t go wrong, and everyone wins.

Anticipation: 1st rule of IT, do something in a hurry and it will go wrong. We will anticipate your evolutionary needs in order to plan our interventions in order to do them calmly, properly and fully tested.

Guarantee: Our contracts mean that when we do something we do it to work. We fully test what we do before we leave, and we come back until it works.

Understanding: If something does go wrong, not only will we fix it, but we will endeavour to understand why it went wrong so as to fix any underlying problem so it does not happen again.

Experience: We have over 30 years experience working with IT, so take advantage.

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